Improving the non-traditional student experience in 3 steps

Higher-ed leaders must continue to find ways to support online learners and non-traditional students--a crucial demographic of learners
Many college students have access to a traditional learning environment, which often includes attending class in lecture halls, collaborating with peers and professors in person or taking exams…

Creating accessible online exams

Two people look at a computer screen to ensure 24-7 online accessibility for users.
There’s a lot to consider when creating accessible online courses - including your exams. If you haven’t developed your online exam content with accessibility in mind, use the…

How to challenge misperceptions around exam integrity

It’s common for examinees to view exam integrity processes as rigid and unforgiving--here's how to navigate those feelings
Integrity is the concept of being honorable, reliable, trustworthy. Anyone displaying integrity is a person you can trust without question. Why then, when we apply integrity to examination,…

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