From rising costs to declining enrollment to shifting course modalities, colleges and universities are tackling changes and challenges in higher education today. Students are questioning, “How can I afford it?” Faculty members are wondering, “How can I keep up?” And you’re urgently searching for the answers. Cengage is here for you—making learning materials more affordable for your students to help you meet your institutional needs. Cengage Unlimited for Institutions has helped students save OVER $200 MILLION so far, while giving instructors the tools to teach their way and empowering leaders like you to set their institutions up for success.

Explore the resources below to learn how you can turn today’s challenges into institutional wins.

The College Affordability Challenge

Concerns about college costs have reached fever pitch, as tuition prices continue to spiral ever upward and median family income has flatlined for most Americans. The pressure is on colleges to produce better outcomes. Find out how taking a new approach to textbooks and course materials can help your institution reduce costs and boost student success.

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The New Learning Economy

The New Learning Economy is transforming how we think about learning, where we access learning, and who provides education and how. The approaches outlined here can offer practical strategies for how colleges and universities can compete in an era of always-on, anywhere learning.

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The Great Reset

Right now, there is an opportunity for colleges to re-connect with the students they lost during the coronavirus. In this report, we explore how Covid-19 impacted student enrollment and engagement and the strategies institutions can take now to ensure that the pandemic doesn’t claim a generation of students who are disengaged from learning.

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Students Want Choice

A new Digital Learning Pulse survey from Bay View Analytics shows a growing preference of college students for online and blended learning options, with flexibility being a key factor. This report presents the survey findings and explores the impact of changing course delivery modes.

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Webinar: What’s the Future of Digital Learning?

When it comes to digital learning, students’ expectations are changing quickly and drastically. In this webinar, education experts discuss the results of our latest Digital Learning Pulse Survey and share successful strategies that institutions are using to drive digital learning forward.

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Video: How Students Saved $1.3 Million with Cengage Unlimited

Dr. Emily Stuckenbruck, the Executive Dean of Academic Excellence at Northcentral Technical College, needed a resources partner that could provide flexible resources and savings plans for students. Her school then switched to Cengage Unlimited – saving students $1.3 million and improving their learning experience in the process.

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