Map Your Institution's Journey to Inclusion


With institutions across the globe quickly pivoting to remote instruction, prioritizing accessible authoring practices and inclusive course design can help ensure no student is left behind in the transition. While institutions recognize the need and benefits of creating more inclusive learning environments, many remain uncertain where to start in proactively addressing accessibility barriers.

To help inspire you on your journey to inclusion, we’d like to share a few highlights captured from our visits with 51 institutions across four continents and 20 US states. During our 86,000 mile adventure on the “Road to IncluCity,” we learned about the innovative tools and strategies institutions are implementing to tackle their toughest accessibility challenges and measure their impact on student success. Below, we’ve highlighted several key resources with stories from our Tour and insights from our research to help drive your institution’s mission to more inclusive education and support students and instructors adapt to remote instruction.


Supporting Student Success at College of DuPage

Learn how the second largest community college in the country is creating an inclusive campus and driving student success by promoting personalized learning.

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Road to Inclu-city crosses the Atlantic Blog

A blog highlighting the European leg of our Inclu-city tour and how institutions are taking a proactive approach in identifying and improving the accessibility of digital learning content in the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

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Reimagining Educational Possibilities in Healthcare

What does inclusive education look like in healthcare education? Watch this video highlighting how the Medical University of South Carolina is championing equity and inclusion at their campus.

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UC Berkeley takes on Digital Accessibility

Highlights UC Berkeley’s take on digital accessibility and how they are working to ensure students with disabilities have equitable opportunities for success.

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Get Your Free Inclusive Education Pack

A free resource to help you author more accessible content, integrate UDL principles into your online course design, and improve the learning experience for all students.

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Research Insights from the Ally Community

A research study that explores data from over 300 institutions, analyzes 7 million alternative format downloads, and shares key findings that help validate the positive impact of alternative formats on the student learning experience.

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