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Connect Your Campus with Cloud-Managed Wireless Replacement

With always-on connectivity, superior campus security, and the access students demand, higher education institutions can attract and retain students in an evolving competitive landscape. In order for campus leaders and IT teams to build unique and differentiated programs that will improve student experiences, a reliable network is required. Cisco Meraki provides colleges and universities with the power, flexibility, and control they need to keep campuses connected and secure, while providing students with the connectivity and digital resources they expect.

Academic Experience That Prepares for Success

Learners have high expectations for their academic experience. They desire a high quality, engaging teaching and learning experience—an experience that is modern, flexible, and prepares them for success. And with technology playing a large part of their everyday lives, students expect their learning journey to be enhanced by technology.

Institutions are empowering excellence in teaching and learning through simplified integration, open access to content and teaching tools and connections with existing systems and platforms; achieving the personalized experience users demand.

The key to better IT services for staff & students

You have an excellent IT team. Every day, you give everything you’ve got to provide all staff and students with the best possible service. And yes, there’s always room for improvement. Fewer calls. Better self-service opportunities. Higher Customer Satisfaction. But where to start? Which trends and developments actually help you improve your services? To inspire your staff, we handpicked the best articles to help you take your next step.

3 Ways Learning Analytics Improve the Student Experience

Evidence-based decision-making is crucial for increasing learner engagement and improving academic effectiveness. By using data to understand and optimize educational environments, institutions can increase rates of progression, retention and graduation in ways that also deliver a greater return on technology investments. Many institutions already collect tons of data, but it can be a challenge to know what to do with it. With the right set of tools, you’ll be able to assess, analyze and improve the learner experience at every stage of the student lifecycle.

Inclusive Education Is Education for All

Creating inclusive learning experiences can mean adapting to a variety of student needs and learning styles, and enhancing the learning experience, by offering course materials in a variety of formats. Building a more inclusive environment isn’t just about focusing on accessibility. It requires a broader focus that includes recognizing different needs and abilities when delivering course curriculum and content. To meet students where they are, instead of simply making accommodations.


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