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New financial aid hub targets all students

Financial aid statistics indicate that 86 percent of college students benefit from some form of financial aid and that the percentage of students who accept financial aid grows by an average of 0.09 percent each year.

These students found new opportunity in workforce training

While community colleges and vocational training offer popular alternative paths, a five-year-old program in a small city on the north shore of Boston is providing recent high school graduates with an altogether different career development choice.

AI is revolutionizing education

AI will be to education in the 21st century what steam power was to international trade and the projection of sovereign power in the 19th century.

What impact do non-degree credentials have?

As workers and policymakers look at the best ways for individuals to secure stable employment after the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, non-degree credential programs have taken center stage as a quick and effective way for workers to enhance their skills or retrain for positions in new fields.

Teletherapy expands access to student mental health support

As colleges and universities work to find a balance between pandemic-related safety and wellness protocols and student welfare, including student mental health, one option available is secure video- and message-based counseling, also known as teletherapy.

A new role for the school help desk?

The impact of the pandemic on educational programming has created what will more than likely be fundamental and foundational changes to the traditional classroom environment. In general, the traditional classroom simply is not visible in today’s milieu.

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