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The 4 stages of Zoom enlightenment

Digital environments, like their physical counterparts, can offer great opportunities but, in order for them to be sustainable, we need a system to define and understand how different online interactions actually work.

How to write a new ending to the college dropout story

What if we looked at students who dropped out and analyzed their performance over their time in college? What if the information we gleaned could tell us the moment students disconnect with their goals, their coursework, and their classes before they make the decision to leave?

How to keep the library at the heart of campus—from a distance

Decades of transitioning from print resources to electronic ones, and building both in-person and virtual services, have prepared library staff to explore and shape new roles, keeping the “heart of the college” beating for its students, faculty, and campus communities.

8 ways to prepare for post-pandemic enrollment

Many institutions are still reeling from poor outcomes last year. Enrollments at colleges and universities declined significantly in Fall 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its corresponding impact on the economy.

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