Ensuring accessible classroom design for all learners

Classroom design strives to provide as many options as possible so learners may choose what works best for their learning.
Faculty from Virginia Tech's College of Architecture, Arts, and Design and College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences conducted a study that informs classroom designs by incorporating the perspective of neuroatypical students.

From crisis to catalyst: Online education four years later

We must transition from a content-centered approach to a human-centered one, recognizing students as the fulcrum of online learning design.
Prior to the seismic shifts of 2020, online learning was steadily gaining acceptance and effectiveness. Single course providers were growing and even Ivy League schools were experimenting with…

Reimagining manufacturing engineering labs for the age of AI and IoT

Learning environments should reflect the realities of Industry 4.0--transforming traditional classroom labs into simulated smart factories.
Investing in simulation technology ensures manufacturing engineering programs are aligned with industry needs. Drop the wrench and grab the VR headset. Emerging tech is changing the way we…

Georgia Tech unveils new AI makerspace in collaboration with NVIDIA

By giving students access to powerful supercomputers, Georgia Tech will teach AI to undergrads unlike any other university in the nation.
Georgia Tech’s College of Engineering has established an artificial intelligence supercomputer hub dedicated exclusively to teaching students. The initiative--the AI Makerspace--is launched in collaboration with NVIDIA.

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