How higher ed can set students up for successful internships

Higher-ed must look beyond graduation goals and invest in tools and programs to help promote success in student internships and beyond.
Today’s students face myriad challenges as they pursue postsecondary education, from the affordability of tuition, to student housing woes, to fierce competition for jobs after graduation. One pain…

Creating a positive campus for the new academic year

Your vision for the academic year and for a positive campus must be centered on your community and serve them as it takes shape.
A new school year is a fresh opportunity. Faculty, staff, and students arrive back on campus full of enthusiasm. You can harness or squander that energy. A new…

The case for ChatGPT as the ultimate educator’s toolkit

When preparing students for the future of work with career education, educators must be familiar generative AI tools such as ChatGPT.
Innovations that have transformed education have often been met with skepticism. Just look at Sesame Street, which was once considered a wild, controversial experiment leveraging television for learning

An alternate view of the enrollment cliff

Changing higher-ed operations to meet returning learners' & adult learners' needs will help avoid another type of enrollment cliff.
Tens of millions of students adn learners are looking at a different enrollment cliff--one that represents the barriers and difficulties in enrolling and progressing, unable to have the…

How AI could advance computer-based tutors—and student success

The recent development of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT has opened entirely new possibilities for the design and implementation of computer-based tutors with the potential to help…

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