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Integrated Payment Solutions

Transact’s Integrated Payment Solutions deliver diversified payment, tuition, commerce, and bill presentment solutions that leverage innovative technologies to improve the experience for both students and campus operations. With one centralized payment platform, students and families know exactly where to look to find their balance, pay their bills, understand their tuition obligations, and review their payment options.

This highly configurable platform integrates well with critical school systems, provides administrators with centralized data and management controls, and comes with strong client support.

Campus ID Solutions

Transact’s Campus ID Solutions provide a secure, mobile-centric campus environment with contactless student ID credentials for effortless, campus-wide transactions and access privileges. Picture one ID (mobile, physical card, or hybrid) that can unlock a door, manage event access, mark attendance, and more. Campus IDs may also be used for Campus Commerce transactions. You get to decide which capabilities you want for your school. Benefits include centralized, real-time data, contactless and cashless campus options, as well as the ability to remotely lock down buildings and have strong campus safety monitoring abilities.

Campus Commerce Solutions

Transact’s Campus Commerce Solutions power campus purchases across integrated point-of-sale solutions for student accounts tied to campus ID cards and mobile credentials. Streamline purchasing on- and off-campus with Transact’s Campus Commerce Solutions. You have your pick of campus commerce capabilities such as meal plans, dining, bookstores, concessions, printing, retail, mobile-ordering, vending, and more.

Transact’s mobile-centric Campus Commerce Solutions can also support contactless and cashless campus initiatives. Centralized access to real-time transaction data equips administrators to make data-backed decisions on resource allocation, budgeting, marketing opportunities, and more.

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Payment Plans – A Powerful Weapon In The Fight Against Student Debt

Helping the students at your school achieve their dreams and complete their degree is a top priority for you. Having payment options that accommodate your students’ needs can made a big difference in supporting their academic goals. At Transact, we recognize the importance of offering an alternative to student loans, credit cards and other methods of borrowing – one where students can make affordable payments over time that fit within their budget.

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Enhancing Campus-Wide Student Dining

Referred to as the “most scenic campus in America” by Rolling Stone magazine, the University of Montana (UM) employs upwards of 40 students at their grab-and-go market and approximately 20 students at the award-winning Iron Griz Grill.

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Six Features Every Higher Ed Security System Needs

Maintaining a safe and secure campus is a major priority, and involves multiple locations, systems, and people working together. Your current security system may cover basic functions found in general commercial systems, but these systems are built as one-size-fits-all and do not meet the specific requirements of the education community.

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Mercer University provides Students the technology they expect with Transact Mobile Credential

Learn more about Mercer University and how they implemented our award-winning Mobile Credential solution during uncertain times to provide students the technology they expect.

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The University of Alabama Improves Student Engagement with Transact Mobile Credential

See how The University of Alabama meets the needs of their mobile-centric students with Transact Mobile Credential.

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University of Oklahoma Improves Student Experience with Transact Mobile Credential

See how the University of Oklahoma met the mobile experience expectations of their students and improved efficiency for their campus card office with the Transact Mobile Credential.

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