Future IT strategies for higher education leaders

IT teams are paving the way with innovative strategies--will your institution keep pace with these forward-looking plans?
In this episode of Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan: all you need to know about ERP in education; the future of recruitment is digital campus tours;…

At ASU+GSV, a discussion about digital transformation and campus diversity

The right partnerships can spur innovation and digital transformation on physical and virtual campuses--learn how to increase diversity.
It seems digital transformation is among the top priorities on any higher-ed leader's list--particularly as students and faculty voice more preference for online learning options after COVID.

Solutions to serving student end users

In this episode of Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan: Finding lost transfer credits; how to challenge misperceptions around exam integrity; and empowering HR with tools to…

Closing the skills gap with microcredentials

These bite-sized courses can facilitate accessible education and help students and workers further their knowledge and skill development
Last year, a majority of U.S. employers said that 2020 brought more difficulty in filling open jobs due to the skills gap than previous years. Additionally, a Gartner…

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