Using talk therapy to improve student mental health

The pandemic has impacted student mental health, but virtual therapy options can help improve the student experience on campus
As a result of and the global COVID-19 pandemic and quarantine orders, the U.S. is facing a concurrent epidemic in mental health, and we’ve seen that college students…

Using AV to create engaging learning experiences—even remotely

Remote learning is a challenge, but it's still possible to create engaging learning experiences for students via the right AV technology
This summer posed some unique challenges for colleges and universities across the country, as many needed to act quickly to implement the right AV technology solutions to help…

Reimagining the school help desk

In today’s heavily virtual learning environments, the school help desk is a central factor in edtech success
The impact of the pandemic on educational programming has created what will more than likely be fundamental and foundational changes to the traditional classroom environment. In general, the…

Three ways campus CIOs can support high-quality instruction

This university relied on strong teamwork to ensure that, despite a global health pandemic, students received high-quality instruction
When the pandemic emerged, IT and academic leaders at Bucknell University worked closely together to make sure faculty had everything they needed to succeed. IT and faculty leaders…

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