To maintain a competitive edge, today’s institutions are being called on to enhance their teaching, learning, security, and operation management technology and processes. eCampus News has compiled an array of resources to help you build a sustainable digital transformation strategy, including the latest technology and practices to meet modern staff, faculty, and student demands now and in the future.

Connecting the Dots and Data to Improve Student Success

Student departure remains an enigma for most institutional leaders. Read this report to explore the 5 areas where students may encounter challenges that derail their education careers and what you can do about it.

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5 Reasons You Should Enable Transact Mobile Credential on Your Campus

Gen Z students expect seamless, obstacle-free connectivity wherever they go—including on campus. The Transact Mobile Credential provides them with convenient access to a range of university services, amenities, and facilities while ensuring their safety at every step.

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10 Steps Every College Should Take to Prepare for a Cyber Attack

Cybersecurity is no longer something educational institutions can take lightly. Here are 10 essential steps every institution should take to prepare for a cyber attack.

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Your Guide to Evaluating & Implementing a Campus-Wide Mobile Platform

It’s crucial that institutions ask the right questions and look for the right features as they evaluate edtech platforms and choose mobile solutions. This guide walks you through how to evaluate different solutions and lays out the five key app capabilities that determine success.

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Humanizing and securing the remote testing experience

Maintaining humanity in the middle of remote testing experiences can be difficult. But there are techniques and technology that can ensure student success while securing your exams.

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Define Your Path to Sustainable Online Growth

While the growth potential of online learning is clear, the best path to create viable online programs often isn’t. Check out this helpful step-by-step analysis of the options to take programs online to discover the best fit for your institution.

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