Connect Your Campus with Cloud-Managed Wireless Replacement

With always-on connectivity, superior campus security, and the access students demand, higher education institutions can attract and retain students in an evolving competitive landscape. In order for campus leaders and IT teams to build unique and differentiated programs that will improve student experiences, a reliable network is required. Cisco Meraki provides colleges and universities with the power, flexibility, and control they need to keep campuses connected and secure, while providing students with the connectivity and digital resources they expect.

Cloud-managed wireless enables students taking an online exam in a packed lecture hall to have the same experience as students playing video games in their dorm rooms. Plus, IT teams can solve Wi-Fi issues faster and with more accuracy with improved visibility for anomaly detection, troubleshooting, and connection quality. Using location analytics and Bluetooth beacons, schools can deliver personalized, real-time notifications and interactions to help improve student experiences across campus.


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