APA Digital Learning and Digital Equity in Psychology Instruction

The American Psychological Association (APA) has created two digital learning tools informed by strong psychological science to promote digital equity, supporting psychology students and instructors across teaching environments. These tools provide affordable, high-quality instructional content on unique technology platforms that support success for all students, helping them meet learning standards and build lifelong learning skills.

PsycLearn® and Academic Writer® are particularly adaptable, easing the strain on psychology instructors if teaching must shift among face-to-face, hybrid, or online instruction. Delivered through the learning management system (LMS) used on your campus, PsycLearn and Academic Writer allow instructors to assign content, monitor student progress, and support students as they master course content and APA Style® research and writing.

PsycLearn—a complete, all-digital instructional resource now available for Research Methods, Social Psychology, and Statistics courses—was designed to help psychology instructors immerse students in course content and provide a personalized learning experience. Structured around learning science research, PsycLearn enriches instruction across teaching environments to help students achieve critical learning outcomes for psychology majors. APA is continuing to develop PsycLearn content for additional courses.
Academic Writer
Recently updated with the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association seventh edition guidelines, Academic Writer offers a rich assortment of assignable quick guides and tutorials on APA Style, research, and writing fundamentals. A robust writing platform allows students to apply those skills as they independently compose research papers or collaborate on group projects. Academic Writer supports all students in courses that require APA Style with the tools to think and write like seasoned professionals.


APA Digital Learning Equity Framework


Download this framework to see how APA Digital Learning tools support digital equity, from providing affordable instructional content to supporting students who are struggling and giving instructors the tools they need to cultivate student success.

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PsycLearn Resources

PsycLearn Customer Success Story

Dr. Roxanne Sullivan discusses how the psychology department at Bellevue University has implemented PsycLearn to boost student engagement and enrich instruction in both in-person and online teaching environments. Hear what her students had to say about PsycLearn!

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PsycLearn Video

Watch this brief video to see how PsycLearn was designed around three principles, helping instructors immerse students in a personalized learning experience to enrich psychology instruction.

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PsycLearn Webinars

View our recent webinars to hear about the learning science behind PsycLearn and how it can be integrated into your classroom instruction. Watch as our product development and training teams present live demos of PsycLearn.

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Academic Writer Resources

Academic Writer Customer Success Story

Dr. Robin Musselman describes how faculty at Lehigh Carbon Community College use Academic Writer to simplify APA Style instruction and provide students with a solid writing foundation that they build upon throughout the psychology curriculum.

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Academic Writer Video

Watch this brief video to see how the three integrated centers in Academic Writer provide expert instructional resources to help students develop optimal research and writing skills.

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Academic Writer Webinars

Hear from product experts and users! View recent webinars to hear about new features and tools, how 7th edition APA Style guidelines are integrated, and discover best practices for teaching with Academic Writer.

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