Why is competency-based education so hard to study?

A few research pitfalls seem to be creeping into the still nascent world of K-12 competency-based education: first, the challenge of moving from discussing high-level theory to describing…

Why higher ed is still a smart investment

Rising college costs and a challenging economy are continuing to intensify the debate over whether a college degree is still worth the investment. Here's a key, often-overlooked reason…

The latest innovations in university-businesses partnerships

Partnerships between universities and corporations are nothing new: IBM has been teaming up with universities since the the early days of computer science education in the 1940’s.

Where the False Claims Act meets for-profit colleges: 4 hot areas for compliance

Administrators and employees of for-profit colleges need to be aware of a federal statute that may not immediately associate with these institutions: the False Claims Act (“FCA”). Pressure…

Disruption in higher ed is growing, but not instantaneous

In 2009, Joe Marani, a resident of Marshfield, Mass., lost his job during the height of the recession. Having only partially completed college, he was left with few…

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