3 ways to improve the non-traditional student experience

Higher-ed leaders must continue to find ways to support online learners and non-traditional students in the student experience.
Many college students have access to a traditional learning environment, which often includes attending class in lecture halls, collaborating with peers and professors in person or taking exams…

How to prepare students for the future of manufacturing

The future of manufacturing faces a major skills gap that could grow as the workforce struggles to keep up with further technological advances
Many sectors have embraced digital transformation in the workplace, welcoming in advanced technology, new tools, and greater efficiency. In the design and manufacturing industry, digital transformation has led…

Charting a course for cannabis on campus

Any college looking to conduct legally sanctioned cannabis research should seek the legal and regulatory guidance.
Cannabis has been on a steady march toward mainstream acceptance and legalization on a state-by-state basis for more than two decades. According to the National Conference of State…

How administrators can give campus staff what they need

Being visible and accessible are two simple ways a campus administrator can show appreciation for faculty and staff.
We all know that administrators have busy schedules. They and their assistants often comment on the number of meetings and events that they have scheduled on their calendars.…

6 ways to master change management in higher ed

As higher ed institutions evaluate goals for the coming academic year, now is an excellent time to map out change management strategies.
The world of higher education faces unique challenges when it comes to change. Given the large number of stakeholders involved in decision-making, higher education institutions must prepare extensively…

Improving the student experience with audio over Wi-Fi

Audio over Wi-Fi technology is democratizing assistive listening systems in education settings, and that’s great news for students and educators
Hearing loss is on the rise, and it’s not just among the over-65 demographic. Young people are experiencing noise-induced hearing loss, most likely from an increase in use…

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