Report illuminates barriers to equity in digital learning for underrepresented students

Higher education struggles to develop practices and policies informed by disaggregated data and digital learning equity remains out of reach.
The Every Learner Everywhere network has released a new report illustrating how barriers to equity in digital learning differ across racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds – and are…

Give your esports program a facelift with these strategies

Collegiate esports is expanding across the nation--learn what you need to put your institution in first place
Esports is growing in popularity, from high school all the way through higher education and at the professional level. And while almost everyone has heard the term “esports”…

How department chairs can support new faculty

Ensuring that your institution's new faculty are supported and fully engaged will provide a better experience for them and for your students.
Recent articles (Fortune; Harvard Business Review) and even a podcast speak about the post-COVID phenomenon of Quiet Quitting. Gallup stated in early September that “quiet quitters” make up…

How to make the grade with today’s students

Today's students have high expectations for their higher education path--here's how your institution can innovate
In this episode of Innovations in Education, hosted by Kevin Hogan: Boosting the student experience by meeting digital expectations; 5 costly impacts of ignoring digital student engagement; and…

How to increase security for hybrid education networks

Universities should look towards an integrated approach that consolidates cybersecurity functions as much as possible
Well before 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold, connectivity played an important role in university life. Universities are hotbeds for ideas and innovation—and also have a nearly…

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