How to create a stellar digital experience for your students

Students have new expectations—and those expectations center around a digital experience made possible with iPaaS.
More than two years into the pandemic, most students are once again learning in-person. But they have new expectations when it comes to their academic institutions.

How to ensure your remote testing is humanized, yet secure

Remote testing presents challenges, but the right technology can support student success while securing your exams
The COVID-19 pandemic sparked a flurry of remote testing, and as instructors quickly discovered, maintaining humanity in the middle of remote testing experiences can be difficult.

5 tips to integrate digital course materials

As schools continue to evolve their on-campus, remote, and hybrid learning programs, they are making bigger investments in digital course materials
Even before the pandemic hit, schools were embracing digital materials at increasing rates, using digital resources to complement print textbooks and support curriculum.

8 reasons to use texts to reach your students

When considering communication plans for 2022, it makes sense to increase text messages in departments that you might have overlooked
Most colleges and universities have tapped into short message service (SMS) text messaging as a means to reach students. Somewhat shockingly, however, they’re still leaving valuable communication opportunities…

How are you developing the new hybrid workforce?

The hybrid learning and hybrid workforce models will reveal more innovation and progression in higher education and beyond
COVID-19 forever altered the higher education landscape. It forced schools to turn traditionally on-campus roles into remote roles. It also changed how institutions think about hiring staff and…

3 ways to combat higher ed skepticism

There are numerous ways to calculate the value of a college education. There’s the generational impact of education, which drives ... Read more

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