Students have new expectations—and those expectations center around a digital experience made possible with iPaaS.

How to create a stellar digital experience for your students

From parking permits to enrollment, students have new expectations—and those expectations center around a digital experience made possible with iPaaS

More than two years into the pandemic, most students are once again learning in-person. But they have new expectations when it comes to their academic institutions. Previously, students were accustomed to accessing necessary resources in locations dispersed across campus. Often this meant traveling to multiple buildings to accomplish tasks related to enrolling in courses, selecting majors, paying bills, purchasing parking permits, and more.

But after the past two years, students have come to expect many of the tasks that previously required meeting in-person to now be accomplished online. Today’s students expect an instant, and effortless digital experience. A seamless platform that serves the varied needs of students, faculty and staff, where all necessary resources are available in a few clicks, is the new expectation – but it can be challenging to orchestrate. A modern IT infrastructure for the academic sector requires robust data integration, connectivity, and automation operating in the background.

To achieve this vision, colleges and universities should leverage Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solutions as they continue to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives through a single, seamless, connected communication platform.

Simplifying students’ digital experience

Students access various platforms daily to track basics such as class registration, assignments, virtual classrooms, financial aid, and other resources that keep them afloat on campus. Navigating through disparate applications and systems that don’t communicate with each other, receiving conflicting information for the same request, or inputting the same personal information multiple times, is already a frustrating experience. 

Due to the pandemic, even more requirements and applications have been added to students’ plates as institutions work to create COVID-safe environments with symptom checkers, contact tracing, social-distancing schedules, and hybrid virtual/in-person learning environments.

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