10 best practices for live virtual teaching

Physical campuses are closed, and students have moved online—here are tips from online educators to help students adjust to online learning
Switching from teaching in-person to teaching online presents both unique challenges and opportunities. At Relay Graduate School of Education, we run an online campus alongside our in-person campuses…

Do students feel prepared to learn online?

College students are worried about their online learning ability
While most college students say they feel they have the tools they need to learn online, they remain anxious about their own skills in managing their learning in…

5 reasons why students can’t pick a college major

A survey shows students have trouble picking and sticking to a college major, leading to extended time and money spent earning a degree
College students, especially those in Generation Z, struggle to pick a college major, increasing the time and cost associated with obtaining a degree, according to a new study…

How 10 institutions are helping to fight the coronavirus

Colleges and universities are ramping up efforts to fight the coronavirus as it spreads across the nation
The novel coronavirus has caused a global health pandemic, shutting down physical campus operations at higher-ed institutions across the world. But at the same time as instruction has…

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