Why technology shouldn’t be king for competency education

skills digital workforce
When technology is deployed solely for technology’s sake, it can create additional hurdles for students. For instance, while a new interactive video may be an exciting tool conceptually,…

Report: Universities must do better with digital resources

There is a major disconnect between student and faculty digital literacy perceptions, and faculty must provide better access to, and knowledge about, digital resources to improve learning outcomes.…

ED: Institutions can better support Pell students’ college success

college success
Institutions of higher education can do more to help Pell students reach their educational goals and career aspirations, federal officials said recently. In a report released this week,…

Here’s where higher ed is headed this week

news roundup
Every Friday, I’ll recap some of the most interesting and thought-provoking news developments that occurred over the week. I can’t fit all of this week's news stories here,…

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