Driving student success through personalization

Many higher education institutions continue to measure success through the lens of what is best for the traditional undergraduate student who enrolled for a face-to-face academic journey right out of high school. In many cases, conventional institutional metrics for success have been based on serving the needs of those students, placing a heavy emphasis on retention and graduation rates. However, this may not be the way of the future.

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How immersive learning experiences will revolutionize education

Immersive learning experiences are a new type of educational experience that can be used in place of traditional lectures and classrooms. Immersive learning is meant to mimic the real world by providing students with an environment that is as close to reality as possible. It’s designed for learners who are interested in hands-on experiences, problem-solving, and discovery over non-traditional methods like reading textbooks and listening to lectures from a professor.

The essential human element of AI in education

World AI Week represents a unique moment to reflect on how AI has changed the way we work, live, and learn. Many brilliant minds and progressive companies are gathering for the World Summit AI (WSAI) in early October to discuss AI’s potential, and among the many topics of discussion, the role of AI in education will certainly be a hot topic.

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