Transact has led higher education technology since 1984, serving over 12 million students across 1,300+ institutions and facilitating more than $45 billion in transactions through our integrated campus payments, campus ID, and campus commerce solutions. Let us show you the power of mobile-centric technology by simplifying and streamlining your campus technology through solutions configured for your institution, from centralized, real-time data delivering robust decision-making to budgeting and resource allocation insights. In addition, our campus technology solutions strictly adhere to regulations for data security, privacy, accessibility, and we invest in strong ERP partnerships and integrations.

What is a 529 plan?

A 529 Plan is a program designed to help people meet the rising cost of education.

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Payment plans: a powerful weapon in the fight against student debt

Graduation is important! Students who do not graduate are 3 times more likely to default on student loans. 7 out of 10 payers agree that payment plans have significantly increased their chances of graduating on time with less debt.

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Boosting Sales with Fully Mobile Campus Commerce Systems

Just as checkbooks have gone to the wayside, so too have the notions of traditional campus shopping. Just 10 years ago, students would be waiting in lines and taking their shopping
baskets to the campus store for their books and gear. And while brick-and-mortar stores on campuses still have their place in the student experience, the real value for prospective and current students is accessibility and ease of technology to make their purchasing decisions. College students make up one of the largest groups of online and mobile shoppers.

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Mobile Campus Cards: A Necessity for Student Convenience and Safety

As tech-savvy students flood campuses each fall, higher education institutions are reminded of the importance of a digitally proficient campus ecosystem. Technology and the student experience go hand-in-hand, driving institutions to meet students’ expectations with services and amenities that center around mobile devices. But it is not just the students
benefitting from enhanced campus technology

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Student Quality of Life is Improved by Mobile Ordering

Jetting from classes to part-time jobs to study sessions, students are scarce of time to attend to errands and meals. Making dining a greater convenience for students isn’t
just an attraction for prospective students, but an effort to support the health and wellbeing for on-the-run students. With rising pressures facing today’s college students,
ease of use is essential to help younger generations navigate their everyday lives. And the lack of accessibility is the last thing students want to worry about.

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Institutional Efficiency and Students’ Financial Literacy Improved by Online Payments

One of the many diversities among a university’s rich student body is financial upbringing. Because discussing money is still considered taboo among many families, students often
come to campus with little awareness about managing their spending. Fulfilling the need for financial awareness in college is important not only for a university’s fiscal health as it relates to tuition payments, but for students’ future financial literacy as they take on new responsibilities to pay for meals, bills, and amenities.

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