University builds virtual reality CAVE for a new higher ed era

VR cave villanova
Field trips or physical models can help immerse students in some topics’ different perspectives, but often budgets, time, or modeling details limit these tools’ usefulness. Thus instructors are…

Stunning: 56 percent of institutions will struggle to meet recruitment targets due to visa, travel restrictions

recruitment travel restrictions
TERMINALFOUR, a digital marketing and web content management platform for higher education, announced the results of its 2017 ‘Global Higher Education Survey’. The results highlight significant concerns among…

2017 education survey reveals 135 percent increase in remote teaching and learning

lecture capture
Kaltura, a video technology provider, recently published its fourth annual State of Video in Education report, a comprehensive international study that examines the evolving use of video in…

University creates new leaders in IT thanks to innovative mentorship program

In addition to learning in the classroom, hands-on training can be eye-opening and transformative, which is why we decided to participate in the unique ERPsim program at Central…

2 reasons why blockchain tech has big, tangible implications for higher ed

blockchain technology
Sure, we’ve all heard of bitcoin and how cryptocurrencies could revolutionize the way we conduct business online. You’ve probably seen the topic buzzing around on LinkedIn feeds or…

5 ways to apply Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to edtech for better outcomes

Maslow's hierarchy edtech
According to American psychologist Abraham Maslow, all humans have the same fundamental needs (food, clothing and shelter), and these needs must be met before an individual is motivated…

Fascinating: Can college orientation predict a student’s experience?

college orientation
Students’ college orientation experience plays a significant role in how they perceive their overall higher-ed experience, according to new survey data. ... Read more

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