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4 tips to use chatbots to improve student success

Digital employees, or chatbots, are helping colleges and universities more efficiently serve their students
Chatbots are becoming a common feature on college and university websites, and their presence and the assistance they can provide can contribute to student success and retention.

How stackable credentials help fast-track students to the workforce

By organizing programs around stackable credentials that build upon each other, colleges and universities can offer milestones on the path to the workforce or degree completion
To serve the goals of these nontraditional students, an increasing number of institutions—and in particular, community and technical colleges—have developed “stackable credentials” as a component of their degree…

Lessons from a year of pandemic learning

A survey looks at what expectations college and university students have for instruction and educational value in the fall 2021 academic term and the learning experience.
A recent survey of more than 3,000 higher ed students, conducted partway through the Spring 2021 term, was designed to determine what student sentiments are about the learning…

Workforce development goes virtual to fill critical skills gaps

Ohio University is creating a virtual factory for apprenticeship training that meets a growing need to develop skilled workers
There exists a growing skills gap in trained, qualified workers. To solve this, higher education institutions are stepping in to fill the gap and programs are being developed…

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