Key considerations when adopting a gamified edtech platform

Successful gamified scenarios build productive failure, not just fun, into their design--here's how to navigate a gamified platform adoption.
Colleges and universities are facing mounting pressure to demonstrate the value of a degree and protect students from crushing debt or insufficient earnings. Retaining and graduating more students…

Higher ed spending problem demands attention no matter court’s opinion

Despite the outcome of the student loan forgiveness plan, higher ed has long been on an unsustainable cost trajectory.
Debates around who should pay for the country’s crippling level of student debt—amounting to more than $1.7 trillion—continue to flood the national discourse. What’s less discussed, however, is…

The synergy between art and technology in higher ed

The intersection between technology, art, and STEM/STEAM is challenging--these skillsets are often taught in different parts of a campus.
As a university professor for more than 30 years, I’ve often wondered why the general areas of technology and arts have been seen as so separate on campus.…

What are renewable assignments–and how do they help students?

Renewable assignments can be a key way to motivate students and increase inclusiveness and diversity in the classroom.
Diversity in higher education has surged to the forefront of the national discourse: The U.S. Supreme Court recently struck down race-conscious college admissions programs, and several states have…

Education in the age of AI and smart technology

It is essential that schools ensure students are equipped with the necessary skills and competencies for the age of smart technology and AI.
We are in a new era--the Era of Smart Technology. Artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of ChatGPT-4 is very smart and ChatGPT-5, -6, and -7, etc. will…

5 essential edtech strategies for 2023-2024

Edtech and IT leaders play pivotal roles in the HyFlex learning experience that students require and institutions rely on for success.
With another academic year in the books, higher education institutions are already gearing up for the fall semester, looking to address challenges of the last year—and improve the…

Confronting imposter syndrome on campus

Students need support as they develop self-care tools that will help them overcome imposter syndrome and feelings of inadequacy
According to Psychology Today, about one-quarter to one-third of high achieving individuals--which encompasses many, if not most, college students--may feel the impact of imposter syndrome. Some research shows…

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