A cornerstone of scholarship: The imperative of accurate citations in research

Achieving accuracy and thoroughness in citations is a key element of academic integrity when it comes to complete research.
While researching the “Paul Revere of the West,” a somewhat shady Frenchman named Cardinal, I came across a comment in a local historical volume printed in anticipation of…

Science-backed scalable tools improve student mental health

Equipping school leaders with research-based student mental health solutions empowers their ability to address challenges effectively.
In the face of constrained time and resources, decision-makers in the K-20 education sector require accessible, cost-effective, and efficient solutions to tackle their most urgent challenges.

Community college can be a gateway to a 4-year degree–Indiana has one of the worst success rates

Community colleges offer crucial access to higher education and a 4-year-degree because they have open enrollment and low tuition.
Community colleges are often touted as an affordable start for students who aim to earn four-year degrees. And it’s for good reason: The average annual tuition and fees…

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