A smarter way to think about college

There are metrics that matter when choosing a college--here's how to ignore the flashy advertising and drill down to what's important
This month, hundreds of thousands of graduating high school seniors are weighing their college options. For many, it's an intensely stressful time as they are rejected or waitlisted by…

Can your institution withstand shocks to the system? Accreditors want you to prove it

The data needed to comply with accreditors is changing, and the need for higher ed financial stability and digital transformation is urgent.
While higher ed is slowly bouncing back from the pandemic, adjusting to the ‘new normal’ remains a challenge. This is apparent in the ongoing exodus of college president…

Success coaching can help minority students’ retention and graduation–here’s how

Institutions must do their part to keep students of color engaged and increase retention--success coaching is a necessary part of that.
White students have historically experienced higher graduation rates at American colleges and universities than minority students. The Hechinger Report found that graduation rates for White students stood 2.5…

How audio over Wi-Fi can improve the student experience

Audio over Wi-Fi technology is democratizing assistive listening systems in education, and that’s great news for students and educators.
Hearing loss is on the rise, and it’s not just among the over-65 demographic. Young people are experiencing noise-induced hearing loss, most likely from an increase in use…

4 ways to enhance critical thinking skills

We should teach our students to adopt critical thinking as a daily practice, and we should model it for them and others whenever possible
Critical thinking is plainly in decline.  Everywhere we look, people are uncritically consuming and spreading information that is distorted, misleading, ... Read more

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