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Articles by Meris Stansbury

10 best Apple and Android Apps for research

Outside of Google’s search app, many apps cater to finding articles and annotation sources, which is helpful for any students, educator or librarian.…

10 steps to promoting diversity in gaming

Using games and designing games for education is not all, well, fun and games, say experts. In fact, the key to successfully using games for education is in promoting a…

#Gamergate—and what it means for gaming in education

Games, but especially games for education, need to allow for gender equality and freedom of expression, say gaming experts.…

Does going to college improve life beyond salary?

Forget U.S. News’ rankings, because where you go to college doesn’t matter to your happiness later in life, says a groundbreaking report from Gallop and Purdue University. Instead, what really…

How to invest in the right education technology

Forget MOOCS and even Big Data aggregation, say technology investors. What higher education institutions should invest in are personalized learning platforms that provide simple data on outcomes. This was the…

College boards: Innovation shouldn’t stop at governance

College and university boards are hindering institutional progress in innovative practices thanks to an inward-looking mindset from 50 years ago, says a brief released today by the Association of Governing…

6 reasons why institutions offer MOOCs—and whether or not they’re working

According to a new report, there are six main reasons why institutions are offering MOOCs, but only two of them are actually working. The report, conducted by Columbia University and…

Are STEM mentors really helping students?

Growing institutional pressures on faculty time are causing STEM graduate students to complete programs without accurate assessments of their skills, reveals a new report. According to a new study, STEM…

6 apps that block social media distractions

A collection of apps, lauded by educators and students alike, are helping to solve one of education’s biggest tech-related pet peeves: unnecessary distraction. As mobile initiatives and social media implementation…

Faculty aren’t using OER—here’s why

Faculty across institutions aren't using OER—or they are, but just don’t know it, says a new industry report; leading to concerns about definition and copyright understanding. This interesting data comes…

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