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Articles by Meris Stansbury

Interested in digital badges? 9 critical issues to consider

The promise of digital badges for alternative credentials and skills pathways has not been lost on higher education; yet, there are many concerns—from business, faculty, and students—on the design of,…

Digital Issue Article
How to implement blended learning in higher education

A recent study made a great point about blended learning: It starts with a few interested faculty who experiment with the model, but often faculty and IT are at a…

E-instructors say what should happen, and what actually happens, in online learning very different

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to online learning best practices, especially from think-tanks and interested admin looking to expand an institution’s offerings…but what…

2014 break-down: This is how college students use mobile devices

Conducting yearly surveys on how current college students use mobile devices is a smart idea, given the rapid pace of evolving technology. But it’s also a good idea because maybe…

How to recruit and retain faculty for online and blended learning

University initiatives to provide more online and blended learning courses are becoming increasingly crucial for today’s alternative education-minded students. However, without faculty buy-in, these initiatives may never come to fruition.…

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How competency is changing mainstream education [Infographic]

I tend to see competency-based courses/alternative credentialing like solar energy: They both sprang from urgent need; they are practical, yet challenge the status quo; and both were technically around long…

When innovative higher education policy doesn’t work—and what to do

Sigh. Innovation through experimentation, as all scientists know, happens through failure(s), and according to a new series of papers from The American Academy of Political and Social Science, almost all…

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Should every educator also be a gamer?

There’s an old saying for writers that goes “Write what you know,” and now, it seems that current instructional practice is telling educators developing courses something similar: “Design what you…

BREAKING: U.S. News rankings get major updates

In what could be considered a smart move for U.S. News & World report, the publication’s 2015 college rankings are, for the first time, including statistics on student loan defaults,…

6 eLearning trends for the future

Online and blended learning, or eLearning, is becoming par-for-the-course in everything from company professional development to campuses across the country. But trying to ascertain how to implement eLearning can be…

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