How well do you understand your online students?

Online students say tuition and fees are among their top three deciding factors when it comes to choosing an institution, according to a Learning House survey of 1,500 students who are considering, enrolled in, or have graduated from an online learning program.

The report reveals a number of key trends as online learning evolves and becomes widely-used for career outcomes. Seventy-four percent of surveyed students enrolled in their online learning program due to career reasons.

9 facts you might not have known about online students

1. Mobile-friendly programs are important to surveyed students–87 percent say they use mobile devices to search for their online program of study, and 67 percent use mobile devices to complete online coursework.…Read More

5 types of online learners could make or break your institution

New report reveals why it’s critical for colleges and universities to know these online learners

online-learners-institutionAny institution worth their salt knows that more and more students are turning to online education…but not for your mom’s ‘Online Intro to Tying 101.” Today’s students are as nuanced in their needs as the online and blended offerings institutions need to provide. And according to a new report, it’s only those higher-ed colleges and universities that can market to, and satisfy, these five groups that will thrive in the future.

The report, “The Five Faces of Online Education: What Students and Parents Want,” was conducted by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in an effort to better help higher-ed institutions understand their quickly evolving student body.

According to the report, online learning, once a niche educational medium, has become part of the mainstream: 34 percent of all higher-ed students (about 7 million) currently take at least one online course, with 3 million students learning primarily through online courses.…Read More

Five ways to connect with online students

A few tips can help educators make solid connections with online students.

The online classroom poses unique challenges for classroom management and connection with students. Online students might report feelings of loneliness, a lack of connection, and a need for productive social interaction. But an emerging field is beginning to address online students’ need for social connectedness.

The emerging field of study on e-mmediacy addresses online students’ need for social connectedness in the online classroom. Here are five helpful tips to promote successful learning and e-mmediacy in your online classroom:

1.  Forge a personal connection by providing a picture or video introduction. …Read More

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