5 ways data humanizes the student experience

student data
University leaders know data is critical to their success, and many institutions are leveraging data to humanize the student experience and improve student outcomes. During SXSWEdu, Scott Pulsipher,…

4 smart strategies to make your cloud transition smooth

cloud computing
Despite tightened budgets and fewer resources, universities are under increased pressure to sustain enrollment, maintain a competitive edge in attracting students and staff, and subsequently meet growing student…

3 ways to transform your campus to support BYOD collaboration

Many professors are spending less time lecturing and more time assigning collaborative group projects that rely on IT tools as connection points for students. This shift has big…

What’s next for higher ed?

Education as an industry has undeniably missed the change cycle. Today's higher education system is based on foundations that were built centuries ago for a country fundamentally different…

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