Universities could convert music, movie downloads into fundraising cash

Student downloads could raise money for colleges.

College students’ love of music, movies, video games, and books could be a supplement to college and university fundraising as campus decision makers prove more willing to experiment with technological ways to ask donors for cash.

A new website called Huzo is inviting colleges to join its entertainment service, and the site’s founder, Terrell Samuels, said that if enough students sign up and buy songs, games, and eBooks, institutions could bring in tens of thousands of dollars.

Huzo users earn back 2 percent of every purchase they make on the site, meaning they’d receive two cents when they purchase a $1 song. If a college or university persuaded its students, faculty, and alums to join Huzo, and each member spent $7 a month on the site, the campus would reap about $30,000 annually, Samuels said.…Read More

Beyond Facebook: University connects alums online

Ninety-four percent of campuses reported a fundraising uptick in 2010.

A new alumni social networking website launched July 18 by Indiana University (IU) frames connecting with old friends and classmates as an interactive game, as higher education looks for more ways to combine alumni fundraising with social media outreach.

Called “Spirit of IU,” the site goes beyond the Facebook news updates that have become standard among university sites and offers contests and an online alumni directory that doubles as a game.

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Yale concludes largest fundraising campaign in history: $3.881 billion

At a time when states are struggling to get out of the red, unemployment remains stubbornly high, and money is scarce, Yale University just concluded its largest fundraising campaign ever on June 30 with $3.881 billion raised over seven years, reports the Hartford Courant. Thomas Conroy, Yale spokesman, said it is particularly remarkable that the campaign exceeded its goal–$3.5 billion–during a time that “coincided with a difficult economic downturn.”

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