Universities now taking major gamble on one person

Not just for large powerhouses, this position is now getting filled for all institutions

investment-institutions-positionImagine that you’re in debt, so much so that your house is on your bank’s radar for repossession. You have a little money, but not much, and you feel if only you knew how, you could leverage that money to make more money and keep your house. Heck…maybe even renovate your 1970’s pea-green and pink bathroom. Who could help you leverage your funds?

If that scenario doesn’t sound unusual, that’s because it’s one being faced not only by individuals across the U.S. thanks to the Great Recession, but for universities large and small, looking to leverage funds to keep the campus open and [hopefully] improve upon services.

The answer? Chief Investment Officers (CIOs)—once positions filled only in large powerhouse higher education institutions needing someone to manage large endowments, are now getting filled for small- to mid-sized universities desperate to better leverage manageable funds.…Read More

Research says a college’s return-on-investment depends on this offering

A college’s return-on-investment (ROI) depends on the STEM majors offered

college-investment-stemIn what seems like a no-brainer, the relationship between college majors and salary potential is becoming ever stronger in the wake of staggering student debt. Thanks to recent research, students and colleges now have a better idea on what majors offer the best ROI in today’s complex market.

To put the research’s importance into perspective, new findings from a Pew Research Center study show that college graduates earn $17,500 more annually than their peers with high school diplomas aged 25 to 32. However, those who collect student debt have a lower return on investment over time.

While salary levels have stagnated for the past ten years, the cost of a college has risen over five times the rate of inflation since the 1980s.…Read More