For colleges, social media ‘Klout’ isn’t everything

But Kelly warned that “applying objective, scientific measures to human behavior is always a dicey proposition.”

“For one thing, a job running social media marketing isn’t about the number of followers someone has, it’s about their vision for the brand’s account,” he said.

Matt LaCasse, a blogger for public relations site PRBreakfast Club, wrote in a May 16 post that Klout was a “good starting point” for measuring the effectiveness of a social media strategy, adding that “in the end, it doesn’t mean anything.”

Klout, LaCasse wrote, can’t take into account the connections a person, business, or college makes offline, which could be more important than a spate of random Twitter followers.

“Influence doesn’t mean everyone around me bends to my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs,” he wrote. “It means others around me think I’m valuable in some way. Klout is heading in the right direction. Just don’t think it’s a nonstop flight to measurement paradise.”

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