9 surprising benefits of remote proctoring software

Remote proctoring software goes beyond catching cheating--it promotes academic integrity by ensuring equity and access during exams.
Remote proctoring software with cell phone detection is so important to protecting academic integrity. This detects device-sharing applications, like Apple Handoff, and when test takers try to look…

Online proctoring isn’t just for online courses

Online proctoring isn’t just for online courses: benefits of proctoring exams regardless of course modality.
Whether classes are on-campus, hybrid, or fully remote, online proctoring is a valuable tool that’s proven to reduce cheating while saving instructors time and offering students more access,…

Creating accessible online exams

Two people look at a computer screen to ensure 24-7 online accessibility for users.
There’s a lot to consider when creating accessible online courses - including your exams. If you haven’t developed your online exam content with accessibility in mind, use the…

Modernizing Campus Communications From the Middle: It’s Complicated

modernizing campus communications
College and university IT directors are increasingly finding themselves in a dilemma. They are trying to balance the high-tech aspirations of their students and staff without eclipsing the…

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