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Number 2: Top 10 Big Data graduate programs

If your favorite school did not make this list, please tell us why you think it should have made this list by commenting on this article, connecting with…

Why the future is all about the ‘Knowledge Cloud’ platform

Karl Mehta, the founder and CEO of EdCast, explains why the Silicon-Valley online education platform provider is a next generation digital learning ecosystem—and how Michigan State University (MSU)…

7 STEM apps designed by students

Students from across the United States met with congressional leaders and the Obama administration to show STEM apps and games they’ve developed.

America’s worst colleges may surprise you–here’s why

What are the most important factors influencing higher education? Net price tuition cost? Graduation rates? Student loan default rates?

5 ways to improve community college completion rates

Ensuring that students complete an associate’s degree on time is one of the biggest challenges facing educators, students, and administrators, based on findings in a new report issued…

New higher-ed app boosts collaboration in real-time

If you're searching for new and innovative ways to present complex material to students, you might want to take a closer look at Lucidchart.

A social media etiquette primer for students

While it's true there are no 100-percent foolproof ways to protect your personal information, there are several preventive measures that can help. Many students beginning their first semester…

Why this type of university ranking may be more appealing

What is the most important factor when selecting a university? In this depressed economic climate, tuition cost influences many. How about degree completion rates and accumulated student debt?…

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