4 key ways AI is impacting higher ed

an image showing AI and icons of things it is changing
What is the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in higher education? A new report from The Learning House, Artificial Intelligence in Higher Education: Current Uses and Future Applications,…

Why are alternative digital credentials necessary?

Alternative digital credentials are becoming more necessary to postsecondary success.
Alternative digital credentials are positioned to transform the relationship between higher ed and students. But how can institutions respond to these fast-developing credentials in a way that is…

An innovative approach to education opens pathways in Colorado

The inside of a new higher-ed hub in Coloraod
Castle Rock, Colorado, is one of the fastest growing cities in the state, with 19.5-percent growth in the past six years. Previously, 80 percent of residents commuted outside…

Admissions officers rely less on social media in applications

Twitter, Instagram, and other social media icons
According to a survey from Kaplan Test Prep published at the end of last year, college admissions officers aren't visiting applicants' social media profiles as much as they…

Could higher-ed bootcamps disrupt the industry?

An arrow approaches the word "disrupt" on a meter, signaling how higher-ed bootcamps could change higher education.
Tech bootcamps have skyrocketed in popularity due to their focus on work-aligned skills--but now, this model for higher-ed bootcamps has the potential to expand beyond the programming industry…

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