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Online Learning

Website aims to replace community colleges

Could an online education resource eliminate the need for community colleges? Such an undertaking might seem drastic, but it’s exactly what the newly re-launched aims to accomplish.…

Why educators should use online assessments like gym equipment

You may think that comparing online assessments to hitting the gym is an odd comparison—but it’s an accurate one when considering strengthening learning pathways in students’ brains. Take, for example, the…

20 SXSWedu higher-ed sound bites

Can learning management systems evolve with education, or is it time for a new way to bring together instructors, students, and learning materials? How can investing in MOOC design yield…

Villanova advances cybersecurity

Prevention and preparation for cyber-attacks have never been more important than in today's global economy. Villanova University's IS Security certificate programs help professionals gain essential skills needed to combat these…

How interactive profiles could help provide CBE credibility

Udacity and Accredible have partnered to provide Udacity’s Nanodegreeprogram students with professional profiles powered by Accredible, who develop interactive certificate technology. With a beautiful, engaging and insightful format, the profiles…

3 factors that are changing online learning

Rising tuition costs and an evolving workforce are two major factors driving change in online learning in higher education, according to research released by the Online Learning Consortium (OLC). In a…

This is how the Jetsons would study

Could the days of shushing students in the library be a thing of the past? Today, newrow_ launched a new feature of its video classroom platform that allows students for the…

Yale goes online for these degrees

According to Yale, a new online online program will provide the opportunity for aspiring physician assistants across the country to earn a Yale degree, as well as help support what…

How to calculate the real costs of developing and delivering MOOCs

Is a MOOC worth anywhere between $39,000 to $325,000 in development and delivery costs to your college or university? How do you know? For colleges and universities already on alert thanks…

Penn State prof explains net neutrality decision

Rob Frieden knows the internet, and he wants people to care about the issue of net neutrality. “We should care,” said the Penn State professor of telecommunications and internet law. But why?…

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