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Online Learning

Laying the foundation for campus accessibility

Stephen F. Austin State University in Texas is working to ensure its education programs and content are universally accessible to students and faculty, most recently through the implementation of an…

4 ways online courses can improve sustainability

According to a report released today by Arizona State University at the 2015 ASU+GSV Summit, providing online course options can create $545k in new socio-economic value, and saves between 30…

Closing the distance between print and online for adaptive learning

Adaptive learning provider Knewton has unveiled Personalized Print Learning Solutions with HP to make adaptive learning materials seamlessly available across print and digital platforms. Not every student has access to a…

4 major MOOC findings–and where to go from here

A joint MIT and Harvard University research team has identified a number of findings about MOOC participants, enrollment, and certification, the details of which are published one of the largest…

MIT to release new online homework review system

In computer-science classes, homework assignments consist of writing programs. It’s easy to create automated tests that determine whether a given program yields the right outputs to a series of inputs.…

Will a “teacherless” online learning model really work?

Two years ago, it might have seemed strange when Gov. Jay Nixon starting pushing for Missouri to create its own branch of Western Governors University. After all, WGU is a bit…

5 skills of successful online faculty

Not all faculty are created equal for online learning, argues a new report. In the midst of low retention rates and lingering perceptions of faculty around the quality of online learning,…

Report: Faculty weigh in on digital courseware

A recently released report from Tyton Partners has provided the ed-tech community with some of the first and only research into postsecondary faculty perspectives on the state of the digital…

The college transformation you should know about

Going away to college and learning in the academic behive of a university campus is a wonderful way for teens to transition into adulthood. However, extreme cost denies this benefit to…

Why MOOC OERs are “ultimate necessities” in higher education

Are MOOCs truly the open education innovation they were designed to be? That the question one researcher says those in academia should be asking, considering that though MOOCs are based on…

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