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Online Learning

Universities to take back control of digital resources

Four large research universities have formed a new consortium in an attempt to wrestle control over the digital learning landscape from educational technology companies, the founders announced Wednesday.


Op-ed: Why we should ease up on MOOCs

It’s rare that I come across opinions on online learning that aren’t either the same thoughts rehashed or opposite ends of the pendulum. And during a recent interview with a…

Are MOOCs really dead?

For some educators and journalists, the rasping final breaths of massive open online courses (MOOCs) began late last year.

They followed nearly two years of hype and excitement that…

The 30 best online programs for veterans

The treatment of veteran (and active military) students has been in the news a lot lately -- but for all the wrong reasons. <br /
In May, student lender Sallie Mae…

5 great ‘Great Courses’ worth sharing

Thanks to massive open online courses (MOOCs), video lectures are currently all the rage. Of course, pre-recorded lectures are not anything new. They've been around for decades, sent out as part…

5 must watch Khan Academy talks

What began as a simple tutor lesson in math between cousins has transformed into a massive, international educational platform. As of April 2014, Sal Khan’s Khan Academy YouTube channel received…

How to liberate higher education

Declining enrollments. Increasing competition for students. Sunsetting education models. The doom-and-gloom headlines on higher education pervade mainstream media. However, an undercurrent of optimism exists as many institutions of higher education evolve…

Can this innovative theory save higher education?

Whether or not you believe that higher education in its more traditional model is relevant for the students of tomorrow is moot, since higher education’s model (thanks to student loan…

5 rockstar superprofessors of online learning

Much has been written about how massive open online courses (MOOCs) have given rise to a cast of so-called "rockstar professors."

While rockstar professors aren't actually a new concept,…

Community colleges to offer online, at-your-pace degrees

Competency-based learning catching on at Washington state community colleges They are known as two-year colleges, but soon some of their students likely will receive degrees without regard to how much…

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