Virtual classrooms take over LSAT prep

More LSAT prep companies are turning to virtual classrooms as a way to reach more students.

With prospective law students already managing full college courseloads or professional schedules, many are finding they don’t have the time to fit in a full Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) prep course, or classes aren’t offered in a convenient location. Enter virtual LSAT preparation.

“One of my students was unable to attend a lesson, so I made an audio podcast of the lesson for her to review. She found it so helpful that I made audio podcasts of all the lessons,” said Trent Teti, founder of Blueprint LSAT Preparation. “Students began to ask to study with them outside of class, and I realized that there was a large group of people who wanted to study for the LSAT on their own pace or schedule.”

Jon Denning, a senior instructor and course developer with PowerScore Test Preparation, said his company saw requests from prospective students lacking access.…Read More