Teaching Matters Podcast

This week’s podcast, Teaching Matters, is all about the students. Produced by WOUB Public Media and available on iTunes, Google Play, and NPR One, it covers 21st-century learning and teaching. The topics include how higher ed must adapt to millennial expectations, redesigning classrooms to promote learning, and the excuses students give for being absent.

Hosted by Scott Titsworth, dean of the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, Teaching Matters also focuses on how teachers can update their practice to reach this tech-savvy audience. New episodes are released every Tuesday, and archived episodes are at WOUB Digital.…Read More

Teaching in Higher Ed

The Teaching in Higher Ed Podcast, hosted by Bonni Stachowiak, features episodes on everything from cultural competence to online learning to creativity in teaching. With more than 220 episodes, there’s something for everyone!

Stachowiak has brought on close to 200 guests to discuss instructional design, diversity and inclusion, blended learning, and more. Her website has links to all of the resources mentioned in the episodes so listeners can easily access the great things they hear about.…Read More

The best videos for faculty professional development

These 5 videos for professional development are given by an education professional or technology expert with their own unique vision to improve learning


Professional development, typically referred to as continued training for teachers and educators, seeks to improve learning and teaching.

But just how exactly does it accomplish that?…Read More

College students: Teaching is for underachievers

New survey reveals high-performing students say teaching is just not worth it

teaching-students-careerIt’s Teacher Appreciation Week this week, a national campaign to thank the often thankless teachers and faculty for their hard work in encouraging and motivating today’s students. Yet, though students appreciate the teachers who make a difference in their lives, many say teachers are just former students who couldn’t hack it.

By now, most everyone is aware that there’s a national teacher recruitment crisis as aging baby boomers begin to leave the profession and current graduating students often see teaching as the least attractive career path.

But why?…Read More

Why online teaching is profitable

Why the business world is drawn to online teaching

online-teaching-businessInnovations in technology are poised to upend how students learn and the way educational institutions impart knowledge to people around the world, according to panelists at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

The internet and access to computers have already rapidly changed the way teachers interact with students. Now, the sector is attracting attention from entrepreneurs who are rushing to roll out products such as online classrooms and educational games.

Michael Moe, chief investment officer at GSV Asset Management, said the business world is drawn to education because the many troubles in the sector present an opportunity.…Read More

What Bill Gates is learning online

Bill Gates' new web site reveals his thoughts on open courseware, school reform, and more.
Bill Gates' new web site reveals his thoughts on open courseware, school reform, and more.

It’s no surprise, really, but it turns out Microsoft founder and chairman Bill Gates is a strong supporter of the open-courseware movement that has swept through higher education in the last few years.

On a new web site that Gates launched this past week, he discusses some of his favorite sources for online lectures and other learning materials. He also offers his thoughts on education reform and a host of other topics.

“There are some great examples of how technology can enable almost anyone to learn from the world’s greatest minds,” he posted to GatesNotes.com.…Read More