2 ways colleges can guarantee success

New national survey reveals correlations between college experience and career success

colleges-success-gallupIn the current national discussion on whether or not a college degree is worth the price paid, one of the most important considerations (at least in today’s economy) is whether or not the graduate has a “successful” career. But can institutions measure that success?

“When thinking about the ultimate outcome of a college degree, there is almost universal agreement about the value people seek and expect: to increase the probability of getting a good job and having a better life. Yet, there is not a single college or university in the U.S. that has rigorously researched and measured whether their graduates have ‘great jobs’ and ‘great lives,’ said the report.

The report, “Great Jobs, Great Lives: The 2014 Gallup-Purdue Index Report,” focuses research efforts on outcomes that can provide insight into these common aspirations for colleges grads, no matter what type of institution they attend.…Read More

A 6-minute video may be Purdue’s biggest contribution to MOOC discussion

Purdue University is just now dipping its proverbial toe in the water when it comes to the hottest development in distance learning — massive open online courses — that is gaining favor among elite universities, the Journal and Courier reports. And that’s exactly the way Purdue’s top officials like it. Massive open online courses, or MOOCs, are online courses designed to broadcast open-source educational content to global audiences, often for free and no credit. The online courses dominated higher education news last week as edX, the not-for-profit MOOC provider founded by Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard, announced Tuesday that it more than doubled its number of university partners. Those partners include University of California-Berkeley, Georgetown University and several international schools.

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