Teaching Matters Podcast

This week’s podcast, Teaching Matters, is all about the students. Produced by WOUB Public Media and available on iTunes, Google Play, and NPR One, it covers 21st-century learning and teaching. The topics include how higher ed must adapt to millennial expectations, redesigning classrooms to promote learning, and the excuses students give for being absent.

Hosted by Scott Titsworth, dean of the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University, Teaching Matters also focuses on how teachers can update their practice to reach this tech-savvy audience. New episodes are released every Tuesday, and archived episodes are at WOUB Digital.…Read More

How millennial culture is driving change in higher education

Though MOOCs and web-based learning tools are on the rise, many students still do need something tangible to be successful

online-education-millennialsAs a recent college graduate and Millennial, I’ve been a first-hand witness to the changes that are occurring in higher education.

Sparked by the generation’s need for constant collaboration – and convenience – the changes occurring today are unprecedented, but perhaps not all that surprising.

The publishers, universities, faculty, and administration that have made up the last half-century of education are trying to adapt to this new generation of snapchatting, instagramming, show-me-this-instant students.…Read More