How to avoid the Wi-Fi blues in academia

Campus IT staffers have tracked the Wi-Fi demand of mobile devices like the iPad.

Back-to-school season brings as much dread to IT executives in the education field as it does to the students sitting at the desks. As the proliferation of wireless devices in the classroom becomes widespread, the use of iPads, iPhones, and Android handsets by students and faculty causes a constant strain on school wireless networks.

It’s not just the increased number of wireless devices accessing those networks, either. Some websites, applications, and devices are notoriously data-hungry.

The average iPad consumes 400 percent more Wi-Fi data than the average Android, iPod, and iPhone, according to a recent study from Meraki, a company specializing in cloud computing that has worked with Stanford University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).…Read More

Chegg moves beyond textbook rentals

Chegg allows students to read books online while they wait for their hardcopy books.

Online textbook rental company Chegg wants college students to visit its website all year round, not just in the hectic first few days of every semester. announced Aug. 18 a major expansion of its website that will not only add more eTextbooks, but also integrate other digital content such as homework help, professor ratings, and a study guide marketplace.

Read more about online books rental services in higher education……Read More