The tide is turning for transformation in higher education

Higher education institutions have talked about the prospect of digital transformation for at least 10 years. Modernizing student information and administration systems has been promoted as the critical step to achieving this. But despite all the talk, few have even started to replace their outdated systems and upgrade their student experience to meet today’s student demands.

For a long time, this inertia owed much to the lack of applicable systems with full functionality, which would allow a clean and pain-free break with legacy software. Risk-aversion was another telling factor. Early adopters are a rare breed in higher education.

Only now are we starting to see a mood swing in higher ed. Instead of hanging on for total transformation, they’re changing on their own terms, one step at a time. New, agile systems are making it easier for universities to pick and choose the top priority areas for incremental transformation.…Read More

Beyond disruption: The future of higher education

Universities are in the middle of a transformation that is challenging the status quo and is forcing higher-ed leaders to embrace change if they wish to remain relevant.

Four broad drivers are behind this disruption, said James Phelps, director of enterprise architecture and strategy at the University of Washington and winner of the 2018 EDUCAUSE Community Leadership Award, during EDUCAUSE 2018.

Shifting skills, the digital transformation, employment and income challenges, and the higher-ed financial crisis have brought higher education to a critical space in between disruption and transformation, Phelps said.…Read More