How to foster innovation while keeping data private

IT infrastructure at colleges and universities has become increasingly complicated as availability, performance, and student success compete with security. But the threat landscape continues to expand, as evidenced by the growing number of cyber attacks in the sector (education institutions are the number-one target for ransomware attacks). To meet these technical demands, as well as increased cyber risks, IT teams must assume both a strategic and practical position as they seek to deploy innovative learning systems.

As higher education navigates digital transformation in an age of sophisticated cyber attacks, it’s important to look at what is expected of IT, and how they can enable technical innovation while maintaining a campus-wide focus on cybersecurity.

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The worst higher education data breaches of the past year

More than 14,000 records were hacked at Champlain College after a flash disk was taken from a computer lab.

Perhaps every month, not just January, should be Data Privacy Month in higher education.

Massive data losses have come at a furious pace in colleges and universities over the past year, with news of massive data breaches sometimes greeted with public ambivalence rarely seen even a few years ago.

It’s sometimes difficult to keep track of notable data losses on campuses of every size. It should be noted, however, that 2006 was the high water mark for campus-based data breaches. More than 2 million campus records were illegally accessed that year, according to the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse.…Read More