Are ed-tech startups a bubble that’s ready to burst?

Ed-tech startups raised more than $500 million in funding in the first quarter of 2014 alone, but some investors are worried about a bubble

edtech-startups-bubbleWhen Matthew Pittinksy and the other founders of Blackboard attempted to find funding for the then-fledgling learning management system in the late 1990s, they were met with a wall of disinterest.

“‘We don’t invest in education,'” Pittinsky remembers investors saying. “‘We don’t do healthcare, and we don’t do education.'”

At the time, if a company wasn’t a large textbook company or a for-profit college, it was barely worth a glance to investors. Education was a large market, but one that was notoriously slow-moving and where the players were well-defined and largely resistant to sweeping technological changes.…Read More

Why online teaching is profitable

Why the business world is drawn to online teaching

online-teaching-businessInnovations in technology are poised to upend how students learn and the way educational institutions impart knowledge to people around the world, according to panelists at the Milken Institute Global Conference.

The internet and access to computers have already rapidly changed the way teachers interact with students. Now, the sector is attracting attention from entrepreneurs who are rushing to roll out products such as online classrooms and educational games.

Michael Moe, chief investment officer at GSV Asset Management, said the business world is drawn to education because the many troubles in the sector present an opportunity.…Read More

New grants are all business

New round of grants focus on what business needs from college grads

grants-business-collegePutting America back to work requires more than just vigorous economic growth and private-sector investments that lead to more hiring. We also have to make sure that the potential employees entering — or returning — to the workforce have the skills to succeed once they are hired.

The Obama administration’s recent announcement of a new round of training grants to help Americans gain those skills can contribute toward achieving those goals.

Unemployment is a slow-motion disaster that disrupts families, robs capable workers of a prosperous future and saps American vitality. America will never achieve real long-term economic or job growth until we have a workforce that is prepared for success.…Read More