Inclusive Education Is Education for All

Creating inclusive learning experiences can mean adapting to a variety of student needs and learning styles, and enhancing the learning experience, by offering course materials in a variety of formats. Building a more inclusive environment isn’t just about focusing on accessibility. It requires a broader focus that includes recognizing different needs and abilities when delivering course curriculum and content. To meet students where they are, instead of simply making accommodations.


It’s Time to Go Beyond Accessibility

Higher education professionals can and must do more to improve accessibility for students with disabilities.  All too often, even with barriers removed and accommodations made, many students with disabilities face…


The Graduate Learner of Today

Graduate students are changing in fundamental ways. Defining the “typical graduate student” persona is a constantly evolving endeavor. Not only do their changing characteristics complicate marketing endeavors, they pose significant…


Choosing the Right LMS for Your Institution

As the core instructional platform for a college or university, a learning management system is fundamental to supporting high-quality teaching and learning—and therefore it’s critical that higher-education leaders choose the…