5 new ways students are choosing their colleges and universities


1. Focus on website experience, not apps

According to the report, though 97 percent of students have visited a school’s website on a mobile browser, nearly 67 percent said the experience was “just OK” or “challenging.”

And nearly 75 percent of students said they would not download an app for a school they were researching.

“Mobile is not the future. Mobile is now,” states the report. “Nearly all students access websites via a smartphone or tablet and responsive design will be key. It shouldn’t matter what type of device a student is using—the experience should be easy, seamless, and consistent.”

Also, the report explains that though a mobile app may be appropriate for the already-established campus community, installing an app is too much commitment for prospective students.

2. Partner with online resources

Partnering with (or at least monitoring) online resource sites, like Zinch, is “paramount to connecting with interested students.” Students use these sites while they are actively researching and interested in college information.

3. Have a social media presence and make sure the information provided is relevant

Nearly 75 percent of students think colleges should have a presence on social media to reach students; yet, only 4 in 10 students find the information posted on a school’s social media site relevant. For more information on what students find least relevant, read the report.

Topics students found most relevant include campus events, student life for lower classmen, majors offered, and the dating scene.

“Own your school’s hashtag,” emphasizes the report. “Over 30 percent of students have searched for hashtags related to their college search.”

4. Make sure your current students and admissions counselors are online

“Students and counselors are most important for interaction on social media,” says the report. Specifically, currently enrolled students (not alumni), other admitted students, and admissions counselors, are the people students say are important to interact with on social media.

For more tips on how to engage admitted students, check out Uversity’s webinar, “Maximizing Enrollment with Social Media,” on March 18th.

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