Jared Stein

Blended learning will reshape the future of learning

Faculty must be able to leverage critical technology effectively as blended learning becomes more necessary
Online teaching has long been an option for higher education faculty, but most have rejected online education and have chosen the traditional mode of teaching face-to-face in physical…

Our nationwide crash course in online learning is underway

Online learning was an abrupt shift for many faculty and students--but online instruction can become stronger with the right focus
In higher education, online learning has suddenly become the focus of administrators, teachers, students, and even many parents around the world. While teaching a course online has long…

Adapting to online learning in a pinch (Part 3)

These three key ideas can help higher-ed institutions find their way forward with online learning
"You cannot create experience. You must undergo it." – Albert Camus, Carnets Valuable learning experiences are based on difficult challenges, and even failures. When a campus must close,…

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