The future of campus life in a post-COVID world

As education moves forward and campuses reopen, what will these spaces look like in a post-COVID environment?
This fall, universities were faced with the prospect of bringing students back to campus or committing to remote learning through the remainder of 2020. In some cases, schools…

Using tech-focused pathways to address gaps in STEM fields

Careers in STEM fields are critical to the nation's success--and positioning highly-qualified graduates to fill those gaps is equally as critical
Our nation is facing a serious skills gap between the number of open positions in STEM fields and the number of people qualified to fill them. This was…

4 ways COVID has impacted campus IT–and what’s next

Campus IT leaders have their hands full navigating online learning and increased threats to network security
Higher education has always been a target for cybercriminals, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only highlighted vulnerabilities in campus IT networks and infrastructure. Higher education institutions often host…

Higher ed needs modern protections from modern ransomware attacks

Higher ed needs modern protections from modern ransomware attacks
Higher education institutions suffering from ransomware attacks is nothing new. However, as institutions shift to distance learning, the attack surface is much greater, giving malicious actors greater opportunity.…

5 ways to begin reforecasting for post-COVID financial success

Reforecasting is key to post-COVID financial strengthening—here are some common barriers, along with a few ways to get started
Higher education can’t catch a break these days. Institutions are dubbed “glorified Skype” for switching to virtual-only models, featured in the news almost daily for reporting more COVID-19…

4 key lessons in data and analytics

Lessons learned from HBCUs help shed light on taming chaos with stronger data and analytics within institutions
In today’s higher education landscape, the collection, appreciation, and usage of data and analytics is not only necessary, it is essential. As our industry continues to adapt and…

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