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Online Learning

E-instructors say what should happen, and what actually happens, in online learning very different

There are a lot of cooks in the kitchen when it comes to online learning best practices, especially from think-tanks and interested admin looking to expand an institution’s offerings…but what…

What role can MOOCs play in the development agenda? 5 key questions

With the Millennium Development Goals nearing their deadline, the development sector has been rife with speculation about what the post-2015 development agenda will look like and what role, if any,…

How to recruit and retain faculty for online and blended learning

University initiatives to provide more online and blended learning courses are becoming increasingly crucial for today’s alternative education-minded students. However, without faculty buy-in, these initiatives may never come to fruition.…

6 eLearning trends for the future

Online and blended learning, or eLearning, is becoming par-for-the-course in everything from company professional development to campuses across the country. But trying to ascertain how to implement eLearning can be…

How a 15-year-old ‘hacked’ his way into UC Berkeley

How a 15-year-old ‘hacked’ his way into UC Berkeley

Jacobs and her son say they did not cheat the system; they "hacked" it. They used legitimate but little-known ways to accelerate Ryan's schooling so that by 14, he had…

Hot new skills course gets the cloud treatment

Hot new skills course gets the cloud treatment

The NMC Academy, the New Media Consortium's online learning initiative, has announced a new mini-course, "Teaching Entrepreneurship with HP LIFE e-Learning," developed in partnership with HP. …

Trust in online education on the rise

A growing trust in digital institutions is occurring with online learning. According to a new Gallup poll, more U.S. adults (out of a random sample of about 1,000) agree or…

Blended learning design advice for collaboration & retention

According to a new roundup of case studies from spanning multiple universities in Australia, blended synchronous learning can improve student retention rates and ease the concern that online students aren’t…

Disruption in higher ed is growing, but not instantaneous

In 2009, Joe Marani, a resident of Marshfield, Mass., lost his job during the height of the recession. Having only partially completed college, he was left with few options. Like…

Which online courses are women taking?

While the average online college student is a woman in her early 30s, the massive open online course (MOOC) landscape has been dominated by men since the courses first took…

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