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Online Learning

QS LEAP offers students free test preparation

As test preparation remains expensive and learning inequality stands at epidemic levels, QS LEAP aims to revolutionize and democratize the world of test preparation. QS Quacquarelli Symonds have recently launched the…

‘Going to college’ should be more like hiring a contractor

With a bachelor’s degree now the must-have job credential, pressure is mounting to find ways to make college more affordable. Most proposals to improve access for low-income students focus on tweaking…

Are online adjunct faculty doing any better than those on campus?

According to a new report, online adjunct faculty are experiencing many of the same challenges as on-campus adjuncts, mainly because the same policies governing on-campus adjuncts are used for those…

8 characteristics of good online video

According to a report published in the MERLOT Journal of Online Learning and Teaching, instructor-generated video can have a positive influence on student satisfaction with, and engagement in, online courses.…

Faculty: Are more online courses really feasible?

In a major initiative designed to help stabilize the University of Maine System’s financial future, trustees are considering a plan for shaping how the state’s universities offer online courses. The plan…

Why competency-based learning isn’t happening anytime soon

Earlier this month, new outlets reported on how the Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General is stymying the rise of competency-based learning in higher education—and is at odds with…

What does it mean to be an online learning leader?

If online learning is to succeed as not only as a legitimate option for learning but as a respected platform within an institution, leadership has to build that respect through…

Critics question federal aid for MOOCs, boot camps

A new program from the U.S. Department of Education would open up access to federal aid for partnerships between colleges and universities and nontraditional education providers such as MOOC providers…

Campuses go online for active shooter training

In the wake of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College—and additional slayings on campuses in Texas and Arizona in the days after—university administrators are struggling to square such events…

3 ways technology is democratizing video for course learning

In the last generation, mass media has truly become “mass”. It used to be that information—whether in schools, in the media, or in the professional sphere—was disseminated top-down. A small…

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