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Articles by staff and wire services reports

Digital Issue Article
5 challenges to taking content mobile [Infographic]

Creating environments for mobile learning begins first with IT infrastructure, then actually determining how to optimize content for mobile learning.…

Digital Issue Article
Free college idea picks up momentum

This year, two national groups have devised plans to make paying for higher education a problem of the past. Both argue that it’s not only feasible, but that it won’t…

New grants are all business

Putting America back to work requires more than just vigorous economic growth and private-sector investments that lead to more hiring. We also have to make sure that the potential employees…

Amish country gets a murderous MOOC

The pizza bomber case made national headlines, inspired a book, and was the subject of several television news programs and documentaries. Now, it's the focus of an online course being…

How colleges are propelling women into computer science-and why

If there is any hope of reversing the stunning decline of women’s participation in computer science, it is going to take an effort of moonshot magnitude radiating from Washington, D.C.

Court strikes down net neutrality rules

A federal appeals court in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 14 struck down important segments of the Federal Communications Commission’s Open Internet Order, which had kept service providers from blocking or…

College-educated workers are taking jobs that don’t require degrees

In a packed pub in midtown Manhattan, Ryan Flagherty is surrounded on three sides by people clamoring for his attention, the Los Angeles Times reports.…

College applications: What are schools really selling?

Foreign policy brings us the expression “leading from behind” and the phrase might also describe the thing that is parenthood – especially during the kids’ college search, the Christian Science…

Ex-Dodgers owner gives college $100 million

A former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers is giving Georgetown University $100 million to found a school of public policy that will bear his family name, the largest donation…

Delaware seeks to steer the poor to top colleges

Delaware announced on Wednesday a new effort to encourage high-achieving low-income students to apply to top colleges, saying it would send application fee waivers and other information to every such…

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