First-ever mobile predictive analytics solution

D2L’s Spring release prepares graduates for the future while helping to reduce the financial burdens that limit access to a great education.

D2LD2L, a global technology company for learning, announces the Brightspace Spring16 release. Brightspace—a cloud-based learning platform—now features a new user experience, video, mobile, and predictive analytics capabilities to make learning more engaging and affordable.

“Globally, we are spending more on education than at any point in history, but we need to do things differently to deliver better results,” said D2L CEO John Baker. “This new technology helps modernize the educational experience and is designed to improve learning outcomes, keep students engaged, and address gaps in course selection that will help reduce costs and shorten the time to graduation for millions of students.”

Brightspace Spring16 Enhancements

Brightspace Degree Compass™ can help students predict the optimal path to graduation, reducing the cost of education. The original solution—pioneered by Austin Peay State University and funded by a Gates Foundation grant—has now been redesigned as a cloud-based and mobile-first application that works with two leading student information systems. Both students and Academic Advisors can use Degree Compass via their smartphones to select the right courses on the best path to success.

According to Complete College America: “Billions of dollars and millions of hours are wasted on unnecessary courses. Excess credits are estimated to cost more than $19 billion each year. Of that amount, nearly $8 billion is paid by students — and more than $11 billion is the unnecessary burden of taxpayers who subsidize public higher education.”

Brightspace Degree Compass uses predictive modeling to uniquely match students with the courses that best fit their academic talents and program requirements to drive academic success and degree completion. Combining individual student performance and preparedness data with the data of all the students who have taken the same degree path, Degree Compass generates a custom set of recommended courses in prioritized order. This can help students stay on track to graduate, saving them countless hours of extra coursework and excessive tuition fees.

The new Brightspace Capture™ allows instructors to deliver media-rich content (for example, speaker video with a PowerPoint® or webcast) to a global audience, says the company. By recording a presentation and then broadcasting it live or on-demand, every member of the audience is able to enjoy a front-row experience so they can get the most out of the content wherever they are and on any device.

Brightspace Capture is a cloud-based and mobile-first solution designed to run on any device—laptop, mobile, tablet, and seamlessly stream at various speeds, so users can consume learning videos anywhere and on their favorite device.

Similar to how the most popular search engines turned the internet into an incredible source of knowledge, Brightspace Capture aims to do the same for educational videos. It automatically indexes and makes them searchable, enabling learners to instantly search thousands of hours of video and take students to the exact moments their search term is mentioned. This can dramatically improve the use of lecture capture and video in studying.

With Spring16, D2L is excited to showcase the New Brightspace Daylight User Experience across three new products: Brightspace Assignment Grader for Android, Brightspace Capture, and Brightspace Degree Compass. Brightspace Daylight is clean and easy to use, says the company, and it allows users and instructors to focus on what is most important. The rest of the Brightspace platform will be upgraded to the new Daylight Experience in the months ahead.

With Brightspace Assignment Grader for iOS and Now Android™, instructors are freed from their office computers with a simple, flexible, and offline-grading tool that synchronizes seamlessly with Brightspace, notes the company. Teachers can do much more than simply enter a grade. They can provide meaningful feedback through annotations and attach video and audio feedback in-context so that students gain even more personalized feedback on their assignments.

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